Saturday, 20 August 2011

[Plan] Week1: 15 Aug 2011 - Hangeul


Here is my study plan for the week beginning 15 August 2011, nearly a week late. I had the template on paper for a while, but I couldn't decide whether to build the table into the post using HTML or to embed a spreadsheet, for the latter which file hosting site to be used.

As you can see my final choice is using the embedding method with the spreadsheet hosted by Google (Docs). The result is quite nice, even if I do say so myself... just need to find a way to get rid of the gridlines : (

Update 20 August 2011: After a few days into my first week of studying Hangeul, I realised that my two main audio supplements:- TTMIK and KoreanClass101 (free account) weren't adequate enough to cover this topic. TTMIK's video lessons are good, unfortunately only 2 out of 5 have been made so I was left hanging there. The KoreanClass101's 4 video lessons only covered the main 24 vowels and consonants, and the presenters went through them very quickly and didn't explain how to pronounce them. Luckily the Learning Hangeul section in the Korean Wiki Project site is very good, so I changed my study plan for this week to use the Wiki Project instead.

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