Sunday, 30 October 2011

[Plan] Week11: 31 Oct 2011 - Korean Language Class


Cultural tidbit of the week:- Korean national flag 태극기

The vocabulary to be learnt this week:-

  • Adjective: to have (existence) 있다; to no have (existence) 없다; to be interesting, fun 재미있다
  • Conjunction: but, however (used to connects two sentences) 그런데
  • Noun: items in a classroom; friend 친구, girlfriend 여자 친구, boyfriend 남자 친구; reference to days - yesterday 어제; today 오늘; tomorrow 내일
  • Pronoun: who 누구
  • Suffix: honorific polite ending ~(으)세요
  • Verb:to greet; to read
  • Expression:
    • "Who is [name]?" [name]이/가 누구예요?
    • "WHO is [name]?" 누가 [name]이에요/예요? - here the emphasis is on the WHO
    • *knock* *knock* "Who is it?" 누구세요?
    • "Who did it?" 누가 했어요?
    • "It's interesting" 재미있어요.

The grammer points to be digested:-

  1. Expressing possession - have / not have: [noun]이/가 있어요/없어요
  2. The honorific polite ending: ~(으)세요
  3. "Who" as the subject of an action or state: 누가 (i.e. 누구 + 가)

Here is my study plan for the week beginning 31 Oct 2011

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