Sunday, 2 October 2011

[Plan] Week8: 3 Oct 2011 - The University Campus


Cultural tidbit of the week:- 미팅 and 소개팅 (Blind Dates)

The vocabulary to be learnt this week:-

  • Adverb: very 아주; really, truly 참
  • Adjective: to be ok; to be big; to be delicious; to be cheap; to be good, nice; to be how; to be spacious, wide
  • Conjunction: and (used to connect two sentences) 그리고
  • Interjection: oh (expression of surprise) 어
  • Suffix: polite ending ~어요/아요 (present tense)
  • Verb: to go; to eat; to sit; to know; to do
  • Expression:
    • "How is ...?" ~ 어때요?
    • "What are you doing?" 워 해요?
    • "It's good." 좋아요.
    • "Are you alright?"; "Are you OK?" 괜찮아요?
    • "It's OK.", "I am OK." or "It's not bad.", "I am not bad." etc - means the situation is positive, not disturbing or displeasing 괜찮아요.

The grammar points to be digested:-

  1. Verbs vs Adjectives
  2. The polite ending ~어요/아요 and 예요

Here is my study plan for the week beginning 3 Oct 2011.

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