Friday, 30 September 2011

[Plan] Week7: 26 Sep 2011 - The University Campus


Almost the end of the week again, here is my belated study plan.

Cultural tidbit of the week:- Korean names

The vocabulary to be learnt this week:-

  • Adjective: to be (existence)
  • Counter: floor, layer 층
  • Interjection: uh (expression of hesitation) 저어
  • Noun: what place, where (question word) 어디; position nouns - inside; beside; behind; infront; top, above; bottom, below
  • Particle: in, at, on (indicating a static location) 에
  • Expression:
    • "Where is ...?" ~이/가 어디에 있어요?
    • "It is not ..."; "I am not ..."; "He is not ..."; "She is not ..." ~이/가 아니에요.
    • "What about ...?"; "How about ...?" - used to request the listener to focus on a different item/subject ~은요/는요?

The grammer points to be digested:-
  1. To be (equation) 이에요/예요 vs To be (existence) 있어요
  2. The subject particle 이/가
  3. Expressing location: [Location] [Position Noun]에 있어요
  4. Changing the topic using topic particle 은/는

Here is my study plan for the week beginning 26 Sep 2011.

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