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[Song] I Love You (너를 사랑해) - Gong Yoo

Here is one of those "ahh.. so romantic" moments from my favourite K-drama Coffee Prince the final episode 17th Cup.

The night after Han Kyul and Eun Chan finally spent a night together, Eun Chan falls asleep while on the phone with Han Kyul, and he leaves her on speakerphone. He wakes up the next morning with a laugh when realise Eun Chan is snoring into her phone. He gives her a wake-up call with the song “I Love You”.
This song was originally sung by Han Dong Joon.

"너를 사랑해" (I Love You) by Gong Yoo

아침이 오는 소리에 문득 잠에서 깨어 I wake up suddenly to the sound of the morning
a-chi-mi o-neun so-ri-e mun-deuk cha-me-seo kkae-oe
내 품안에 잠든 너에게 and to you, asleep in my arms
nae pu-ma-ne jam-deun neo-e-ge
워우우 워우 워어 wo oh oh wo oh wo oh
wo-u-u wo-u wo-eo
너를 사랑해 I love you
neo-reul sa-rang-hae
영원히 우리에겐 서글픈 이별은 없어 There is no sad partings for us forever
yeong-wo-ni u-ri-e-gen seo-geul-peun i-beo-reun eop-seo
때로는 슬픔에 눈물도 흘리지만 Although sometimes we shed tears of sorrow
ttae-ro-neun seul-peu-meo nun-mul-do heul-li-ji-man
언제나 너와 함께 새하얀 꿈을 꾸면서 Always dreaming a white dream with you
eon-jae-na neo-wa ham-kkae sae-ha-yan kku-meul kku-yeon-seo
하늘이 우리를 갈라 놓을때 까지 Until heaven separates us
ha-neul-i u-ri-reul kal-la no-eul-ttae kka-ji
워우우 워우 워어 wo oh oh wo oh wo oh
wo-u-u wo-u wo-eo
너를 사랑해 I love you
neo-reul sa-rang-hae
너를 사랑해 I love you
neo-reul sa-rang-hae
너를 사랑해 I love you
neo-reul sa-rang-hae
언제나 너와 함께 Always with you
eon-jae-na neo-wa ham-kkae
너를 사랑해 I love you
neo-reul sa-rang-hae

1.아침 [1] morning; [2] breakfast. Here it means [1].
2.오는 coming, next, forthcoming
3.소리 sound
4.문득 suddenly, unexpectedly
5.잠에서 깨다 awake from one's sleep, roused up from sleep, be awaken from sleep
6. my (intimate)
7.품안에 in one's arms. 품 means "bossom". 안 is a position noun means "inside". 에 is a location particle, see the "Three Bears" song for more details
8.잠든다 go to sleep, fall asleep.
9.너에게 to (for) you
11. you, yours (intimate)
12. object-marking particle. It marks the object of the sentence, the noun that the verb of the sentence is acting upon. Typically used in conjunction with action verbs. 를 is used when the proceeding noun ends in a vowel. 을 is used when the noun ends in a consonant.
13.사랑해 I love you (intimate level)
14.영원히 forever, eternally, for good
15.우리 us, we
16.서글픈다 sad, touching, disconsolate
17.이별 farewell, parting
18.없다 to not exist
19.때로는 every now and then, now ... then, once in a while, at times, sometimes
20.슬픔에 be in (deep) sorrow. 슬픔 means sorrow, sadness, grief over/at
21.눈물 tear
22. too, also
23.흘리다 cry, shed, spill, drool, lose
24.지만 but, though
25.언제나 always, whenever
26. with, and
27.함께 together
28.새하얀 새하얗다 means to be pure white, to be snow(y) white, to be immaculate
29. dream
30. object-marking particle, see 12 above for further details
31.꾸다 to dream, have dream. 꿈을 꾸다 means "dream"
32.하늘 heaven, sky
33.갈라 놓다 to separate, cut apart
34. the time, the moment
35.까지 until, till, up to, even

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