Sunday, 6 November 2011

[Plan] Week12: 07 Nov 2011 - Korean Language Class


Cultural tidbit of the week:- Korean national flower 무궁화

The vocabulary to be learnt this week:-

  • Adverb: every day 매일; these days 요즘; how 어떻게; diligently 열심히; well 잘; now 지금
  • Adjective: to be tasteless, not delicious 맛없다; to be uninteresting 재미없다
  • Conjunction: so, therefore 그레서; (if so) then 그럼
  • Noun: study 공부; man 남자; test/exam 시험; history; juice; television
  • Particle: plural particle 들; object particle 을/를
  • Verb: to drink 마시다; to meet 만나다; to see, look, watch 보다; to get along, to pass one's time 지내다
  • Expression:
    • "How are you doing/getting along?" 어떻게 지내세요?
    • "I'm doing fine." 잘 지내요.
    • "How ...?" 어떻게 ...?
    • "To take a test" 시험을 보다 - 보다 is usually "to look, to see" but it is interpreted as "to take" when used with the "test/exam" noun 시험
    • "so, therefore" 그레서 - indicates a cause-effect relation between the two sentences

The grammer points to be digested:-

  1. The object making particle 을/를 - basic sentence pattern [N1]이/가 [N2]을/를 [V]~어요/아요/여요.
  2. Omission of particles

Here is my study plan for the week beginning 7 Nov 2011

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