Saturday, 19 November 2011

[Song] Carrot Song (Danggeunsong)

I came across some Korean kids songs on the youtube the other day. They are all so cute and catchy that I feel quite uplifted every time I listen to them.

So, I have decided to translate them, the first one up is the Carrot Song (당근송).


"당근송" (Carrot Song)

아~ 아~ 아~ 당근송 Ah~ Ah~ Ah~ Carrot Song
a~ a~ a~ dang-geun-song
나 보고싶니 (당근) I miss you (Carrot)
na bo-go-sip-ni (dang-geun)
나 생각나니 (당근) I think of you (Carrot)
na saeng-gak-na-ni (dang-geun)
I love you, you love me (당근)(당근)(당근)
나 좋아하니 (당근) I like you (Carrot)
na joh-a-ha-ni (dang-geun)
나 사랑하니 (당근) I love you (Carrot)
na sa-rang-ha-ni (dang-geun)
I love you, you love me (당근)(당근)(당근)
너 변하지마 (당근) You don't change (Carrot)
neo byeon-ha-ji-ma (dang-geun)
언제까지나 (당근) Always
eon-je-kka-ji-na (dang-geun)
좋아해 좋아해 (당근)(당근)(당근) I like you, I like you (Carrot) (Carrot) (Carrot)
joh-a-hae joh-a-hae (dang-geun)(dang-geun)(dang-geun)
나 행복해요 (당근) I am happy (Carrot)
na haeng-bo-gae-yo (dang-geun)
나 즐거워요 (당근) I am delighted (Carrot)
na jeul-geo-wo-yo (dang-geun)
사랑해 사랑해 (당근)(당근)(사랑해) I love you, I love you (Carrot) (Carrot) (Love you)
sa-rang-hae sa-rang-hae (dang-geun)(dang-geun)(saranghae)
때로는 짜증나고 Sometimes I get annoyed and
ttae-ro-neun jja-jeung-na-go
때로는 힘들어도 Sometimes it's also tiring
ttae-ro-neun him-deu-reo-do
너의 곁에 By your side
neo-e kyeo-te
언제나 웃고있는 날 생각해 Always reminded me smiling
an-je-na ut-go-it-neun nal sang-gak-hae
때로는 슬퍼지고 Sometimes I get the blues
ttae-ro-neun seul-peo-ji-go
때로는 외로워도 Sometimes I am also lonely
ttae-ro-neun we-ro-wo-do
너의 곁에 By your side
neo-e kyeo-te
언제나 함께하는 나를 생각해 Always reminded me being together
an-je-na ham-kke-ha-neun na-reul saeng-gak-hae
아~ 아~ 아~ 당근송 Ah~ Ah~ Ah~ Carrot Song
a~ a~ a~ dang-geun-song

1.생각나다 to come to mind, to call/bring to mind, to think of, to be reminded of, to remember
2.변하다 change
3.언제까지나 always
4.행복하다 to be happy
5.즐거워 delighted (with, by, at), amused (at)
6.때로는 sometimes
7.짜증나다 to get annoyed, to get irritated
8.힘들다 to be tiring, to be backbreaking, to be strenuous; to be difficult, to be tough
9. side
10.슬퍼지다 to get the blues, to fall into a sadness
11.외롭다 to be lonely, to be solitary, to be lonesome
12.함께하다 share (sth with sb), join

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