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[PlovesM] 2. Rotiboy

Here is the second episode of the webtoon Penguin loves Mev translated into English. This one has given me quite a lot of trouble, even with knowing the meanings of all the words (with the help of my dictionary) I still found it hard to construct the sentences properly in places. My sincere apologies to the webtoonist if I have not managed to convey the precise meaning of the story.

"Please come for a visit."

This episode touches upon the Korean counters, I have listed the ones mentioned in this episode and few more that I have encountered so far in my self study.
  • 층 (cheung) - counter for floors of a building
  • 개 (kae) - counter for general or non-specific items, units and objects (e.g. bags, desks, chairs etc.)
  • 그루 (keu-ru) - counter for trees
  • 과 (kwa) - counter for lessons, e.g. 일 과 "Lesson 1"; 한 과 "one lesson"
  • 권 (kwon) - counter for volumes (books)
  • 마리 (ma-ri) - counter for animals
  • 명 (myeong) or 사람 (sa-ram) - counter for people
  • 년 (nyeon) - counter for years
  • 살 (sal) - counter for age (years old)
  • 원 (won) - counter for Korean Won

Episode 2. Rotiboy

ext. somewhere - day

[MEV is conversing with PENGUIN]


  • Yesterday I bought 3 pencils and 2 notebooks ... therefore that's five trees ... but ...

Penguin (v.o.)

  • When Mev speaks in Korean he uses the general counting unit "kae" with everything.

Penguin (v.o. cont'd)

  • I had to teach him a few more accurate examples of counting units.

[PENGUIN explains to MEV]


  • For trees it is "keu-ru", for animals it is "ma-ri", for books it is "kwon" etc. etc.
  • Got it?


  • Yes.

Penguin (v.o.)

  • And it is then a good time to go and eat.

int. rotiboy cafe - day

[MEV stands infront of the counter and prepares to order some refreshments]


  • Excuse me, rotiboys 3 ...

[MEV puts three fingers up]

Mev (cont'd)


  • Rotiboys for 3 people please.

[MEV turns to PENGUIN with a self satisfied expression on this face]

Penguin (v.o.)

  • ... and this is the expresion that glanced back at me.


Rotiboy (로티보이) - Mexican coffee bun, a sweet bun with coffee topping and butter filling. The word “Mexican” is a bit misleading as this bun is originated from a bakery in Malaysia and now Mexican coffee bun is famous all over Asia, with many bakeries and copycat bakeries selling this popular bun.

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