Friday, 21 October 2011

Webtoon: Penguin loves Mev

While searching on the internet for some Korean reading material to aid my self study, I came across this marvellous webtoon (web cartoon) called Penguin loves Mev.


The cartoonist is "Penguin" in the title and she is Korean. "Mev" is Penguin's love interest, an English man. This webtoon is biographical and it portrays Penguin and Mev's life together in Korea and their eventual marriage.

Although this webtoon is supposed to be for Intermediate to Advanced Korean readers, but it really appealed to me because I am also one half of an international couple - I am Chinese and my husband is English.

"Armed" with the Naver on-line dictionary, Google Translate and all my Korean learning resources, I am going to give this webtoon a go, Episode1 (1화), here I come!!!

Note: This webtoon has the accompanying English translation from Episode 123 onwards.

The red thread or string (Chinese: 红线) in the drawing above has a special meaning in China.

Chinese legend has it that the gods tie an invisible red thread around the ankles of men and women who are destined to be soul mates and will one day marry each other.
The two people connected by the red thread are destined lovers, regardless of time, place or circumstances. This magical cord may stretch or tangle, but never break.
It seems that the same is true for Korean which has come as a surprise to me as I thought it is only a Chinese belief. This red thread is translated in English as red string of fate, red thread of fate, red string of destiny, and other variants.

(Note: In China, we use the phrase "牵红线" (lead the red string) to mean match-making. The person who brings about the match is called "月老" (short for "月下老人", literally: the old man under the moon, in reference to the lunar god of match-making and marriage.)

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