Monday, 19 December 2011

[Plan] Week16: 19 Dec 2011 - At Home


Cultural tidbit of the week:- Korean kinship terms II

The practical usage of the vocabulary and grammar points covered in this topic:-

  1. Enquiring about hometown and family
    • Asking about and describing someone's hometown.

      A: [person]은/는 집이 어디예요?

      B: 우리 집은 [place]이에요/예요.

    • Asking about family members

      A: ________있어요?

      B: 네, 있어요. / 아니요, 없어요.

    • Describing where family members live, using the honorific verb 계세요 for parents.

      A: 부모님은 어디 계세요?

      B: ________에 계세요.

      A: ________은/는 어디 있어요?

      B: ________에 있어요.

      A: ________에 누가 있어요?

      B: ________이/가 있어요. / ________이/가 계세요.

  2. Asking and telling about quantity/counting - if you wants to ask for an unspecified number, the question word is used.

Here is my study plan for the week beginning 19 Dec 2011

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